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How is Their Driving?

ERM Advanced Telematics’ solution for driver behavior and black box - the eSafe, is designed to enable fleet managers to monitor the behavior of their drivers and to save money on fuel consumption and insurance claims, in cases of accidents.

ERM has developed the eSafe - a solution for monitoring the drivers’ behavior with a Black-box for accidents reconstruction. This solution, suitable for all kinds of vehicles, identify events of accidents and record 75 second before, during and after the accident, to enable an accurate reconstruction, and real time report on the driver’s behavior. The stored data is recorded every 10m/sec (100 times every second!) to enable maximum data for post-accident analysis.

eSafe provides accurate and analyzed information, rather than raw data. It analyzes the data with its inner processor, then, transmits event-based information to the server, for the fleet manager’s use. This way it saves heavy analysis time from the server side.

The eSafe supports 35 predefined vehicle type profiles (such as: trucks, vans, busses, SUV, private cars, automatic / manual vehicles, etc). eSafe uses a sensitive 3-dimensional digital Axis (accelerometer) that is able to differentiate between 20 maneuver types in 3 severity levels (normal, aggressive, dangerous), which are fine-tuned according to the specific vehicle type.

The eSafe is easy to install and designed to integrate with fleet management systems. It offers sound or visual alerts to the driver, based on the severity of the maneuver he performed. The device stores the data of the last 3 trips and automatically transmits its maneuver-alert data to the server via the StarLink Tracker device.

Since launching the eSafe, at 2010, the eSafe won a Gold medal for Best IT Solution for Transportation at the IT World Awards. It has been successfully integrated in fleets of police and armed forces, and other public-sector organizations that wish to closely monitor the performance of their drivers and vehicles.


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