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The Advantages of Driver Monitoring System

Even if you hire only trained drivers for your fleet, you can never completely trust them. Fleet managers are always worried, whether the driver is driving safely, if he uses the vehicle only for work related trips, does he make unnecessary stops between shipments?

ERM’s solution for driver monitoring is designed to assist fleet managers and provide them with relevant information about their vehicles and drivers, their location at any given time, and their behavior on the road.

By installing a tracking device, the fleet manager can track his fleet in real-time, any time, know the location of the vehicles, their route and speed. It also enables the fleet manager to know the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the drop off location, and make sure the driver is not making unnecessary detours.

Some more advanced solution for monitoring the driver includes safety features that provide the fleet manager with valuable information regarding the driver’s behavior on the road, whether he is driving safely of performs dangerous maneuvers that effect not only the safety of the driver, the vehicle and the cargo, but also waste the company’s resources for higher expanses on fuel, maintenance and repairs. By monitoring the driver’s behavior on the road, the fleet manager can get a score for the driving quality, compare between his drivers and take the necessary action to keep the, safe and make sure they drive more careful and in a more efficient way.

Another advantage for installing a monitoring system is, that the fleet manager can be notified in real time if the vehicle is being after work hours or on weekends, when it shouldn’t be operating, and eliminate any abuse of the company’s resources.

Any fleet at any scale, small or large, can benefit greatly from installing monitoring and tracking devices in the vehicles. Researches have shown a great Return On Investment (ROI) within a short amount of time, and overall savings on the fleet’s operation.

All the fleet manager has to do, is choose the right solutions, to best answer his need.


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