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Monitor Your Drivers

The cases of rash driving and accidents have increased significantly in the recent years. It is not just the individual car owners, who are facing a problem with their driver’s behavior, the fleet owners too received multiple complaints for this. If you are troubled with your driver’s attitude and striving hard to find a solution, you should consider installing driver behavior monitoring devices.

Monitor the driver’s habits and behavior – As the driver is aware that he is being monitored constantly, he would be particularly careful about how he drives and behaves on the road. Thus, you will not have to face the complaints regarding his rash driving, or bear the consequences of reckless driving and accidents as a result. Instead, you will find the driver is particular about his driving quality and safety.

Less accidents – By installing a tracker to monitor driver’s behavior and a driver alerts system, you will be able to monitor the driver’s behavior, alert him in real time and improve his driving skills and habits. Alerts system can issue sound or visual alerts to the driver in real time, so he could learn what he should improve and when he should be extra careful in the next times. Driver alerts solutions can also notify the driver when approaching hazardous areas, such as school area or speed camera, to let them know they should slow down and be more cautious.

Fuel economy – When you have a driver behavior monitoring device in the car, you can be assured that the driver will not make intentional delays or take long routes, and thus will not waste more fuel than needed. There is no need to call the driver to ask his whereabouts or wonder if he is telling the truth. Just check his location and make sure he is on the right way, and will get to his destination on the right time.

ERM have many solutions to assist the fleet manager in monitoring his drivers. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you are hesitating about the right solution for your fleet.


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