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Increase Your Fleet’s Operational Efficiency

With the right planning and monitoring, any fleet can increase its operational efficiency and reduce its expenses. By implementing the right tools and making the necessary changes, the ROI will be fast, and the result will be shown in a short period of time.

Small and Compact, Large Impact

Today there is a large selection of Fleet Tracking Systems or GPS Fleet Tracking devices that provides valuable information to the fleet manager in real time. The devices, which rely on both conventional mobile networks and satellites, are installed in vehicles to provide location and vehicle speed/performance data in real-time. This information assists the fleet manager/owner to ensure that only authorized use of the vehicle is being made, ad well as to ensure eco and safe driving and make sure that the driver is performing his duty in the best way possible. This way, the company can reduce any expenses related to fuel-wasting driving habits, vehicle malfunctions, and wear and tear caused to the vehicle because of dangerous and aggressive driving behavior.

Enforcing Standard Operating Procedures

Each vehicle that was assigned to a specific route has to stick to the route and not deviate as per the whims and fancies of the drivers. Similarly, speed of a vehicle with a consignment is an issue that needs to be addressed. In an endeavor to complete a tour of duty, a driver may resort to high speeds. This could result in damage to the consignment, especially if the nature of the load is fragile. In worst case scenarios, high speeds could result in accidents, which will cost a lot more money on repairs and higher insurance premium.

Better Control – Better Results

Entire fleets can be managed professionally with adequate measures to ensure efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses with the installation of Fleet Tracking Solutions. Such GPS Fleet Tracking devices provide information on a real-time basis on desktops, laptops and smartphones in a coordinated manner for managers to take decisions and re-allocate resources to ensure pickup or delivery in the shortest possible time with better margins. Rising fuel costs have dented profit margins, and every effort to cut fuel consumption would result in significant savings to the entire fleet’s operation.


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