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  • Unleashing Innovation in Telematics GPS trackers!

    At ERM Advanced Telematics, we're revolutionizing the world of tracking devices with cutting-edge technology that doesn't just keep up with the pace of change – it sets the benchmark. 🌡Extreme Temperature Resilience: Whether it's summer heat or bone-chilling winter cold, our technology remains the same. Moisture Resistant: Rain or shine, our devices keep going. We understand that the elements can be unpredictable, which is why our trackers are built to withstand moisture and wet conditions. Durable and Lightweight: We believe in a perfect blend of strength and convenience. Experience the future of Telematics GPS trackers today. Explore ERM Advanced Telematics and unlock a new realm of possibilities!

  • Welcome Mario!

    Our ERM Advanced Telematics family is growing bigger and we couldn't be happier to introduce our newest member, Mario Bueno, our amazing new LATAM Sales Manager! Mario Bueno brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With his dynamic personality and passion for telematics, he's ready to take the Latin American market by storm. From Colombia to Peru and everywhere in between, Mario will be your go-to guy for all things ERM Advanced Telematics. So, join us in warmly welcoming Mario to the team! We're confident that his presence will bring fresh perspectives, new opportunities, and increased success for our company and, most importantly, for you, our valued customers. Let's raise 🥂 a virtual toast to Mario and our bright future! #success #team #opportunities #colombia #latam #newmember #telematics #fleetmanagement #israel #newjob

  • Micro mobility in telematics.

    Telematics, which involves the integration of telecommunications and informatics, plays a critical role in enabling and managing micro mobility services such as bike-sharing and e-scooter sharing. With our solutions, you can overcome some of the challenges associated with telematics in micro-mobility: 1. Tracking in real-time: ERM's telematics solutions are designed for micromobility vehicles, including e-scooters and bikes, which allows service providers to monitor the location and status of their vehicles, ensuring they are functioning correctly and that users can access them as needed. 2. Management of micromobility vehicle batteries: ERM's telematics solutions can detect and report on the charge level and health of batteries within micromobility vehicles. This information can help service providers optimize their operations by ensuring that vehicles are charged and maintained properly, reducing the likelihood of service disruptions and enabling services such as Battery as a Service (BaaS). 3. User behavior monitoring: ERM's telematics solutions can monitor user behavior, such as how users are operating micro-mobility vehicles and where they are parking them. This information can help service providers encourage safe and responsible behavior among users, reducing the likelihood of accidents or improper use of vehicles. 4. Analytics and reporting: ERM's telematics solutions provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling service providers to analyze data about their operations and make data-driven decisions. For example, service providers can use this data to identify trends in usage, optimize vehicle deployment, and identify areas where additional resources may be needed. 5. Integration with other systems: ERM's telematics solutions can integrate with other systems, such as payment and billing systems, battery replacement HUBs etc, to provide a seamless user experience. It can simplify the management of multiple systems for service providers and streamline their operations. By using ERM Advanced Telematics solutions, service providers can address many of the challenges associated with micro-mobility services, which makes them more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

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  • Driver Behavior | ERM Telematics

    Driver Behavior Reports and research from all over the world show that the ability to monitor the driver’s behavior in fleet vehicles can contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the entire fleet up to 15-20%. This can be reflected in the reduction of expenses such as fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, accidents, insurance premiums, downtime for vehicle maintenance and repairs, etc. ERM offers a modular solution for the monitoring of driver behavior and for alerting of aggressive driving behavior. This solution is designed to allow simple and fast implementation in vehicle fleet management services. Regardless of the vehicle type it’s installed in, ERM’s solution can analyze and alert behavior violations of as many as 20 predefined maneuver types, in 3 severity levels. The solution enables service providers to grade each driver’s behavior while keeping compatibility with the vehicle type and its specific behavior and generates true alerts to both the driver and the fleet manager in real time. ​ ERM’s Driver Behavior solution provides an accurate diagnosis of the driving behavior and the severity of each maneuver, based on a sensitive sensor and dedicated technology developed for assuring the accuracy of its reports, as well as information generated by interfacing with the vehicle CANbus. Reading parameters such as brake and gas pedal use, fuel consumption and more. Recommended Products Tracking Devices Starlink Tracker Explore Accessories eFlash and ePoly Explore eVoice Explore Additional Solutions Driver Alerts Explore Driver Behavior Explore UBI Explore eCall Explore Other Technologies DRIVING BEHAVIOR Read More WIRELESS CONNECT Read More VEHICLE LOCATION Read More SECURITY AND CYBER Read More CAN INTERFACE Read More SEGMENT Read More FUEL MONITORING Read More

  • eVoice | ERM Telematics

    eVoice Driver Alerts Solution. The eVoice is a speaker that provides spoken driver alerts. The alerts can be pre-set and personalized so that in different situations the eVoice will issue the pre-defined audial alert in accordance with the event that occurred. ​ If a driver performs a dangerous maneuver or a predefined event occurs, an audial alert will be issued to the driver letting him/her know in real time of the safety violation, hence enabling the driver to improve the driving behavior during the trip. ​ eVoice allows a fleet manager, or the operator of the platform, to record in advance up to 100 warnings in the driver’s native language, that are adapted to various problematic behavior patterns on the road. A user-friendly software program is used to determine the exact warning to be played to the driver depending on the nature of the event so that the fleet manager can easily set rules and determine the specific alert that will be issued for each event. For example, if a driver makes a sharp turn, or goes over the speed limit a warning sound will be made to explain the incorrect behavior. eVoice is capable of issuing a human voice warning upon identifying any unusual event of the type that can also be identified by a wide range of the company’s products . Key Features 1 2 3 4 Customizable voice alerts ​ Option to record and upload up to 100 voice alerts ​ User-friendly software for setting each event with its own alert ​ Integration to ERM’s products for event-based alerts Download Featured products eSafe Explore eData Explore

  • Cement Monitoring | ERM Telematics

    Cement Monitoring ERM offer a solution for the remote monitoring of Cement Trucks. ​ The solution enables the fleet manager to monitor the cement truck’s drum rotations and direction, while presenting a location and time stamp to each event. ​ This information allows the fleet owner to know where, when and how much cement was unloaded. Recommended Products Accessories Smart Windows Explore Additional Solutions Anti Trap Explore Cement Monitoring Explore Cold Chain Explore Karma - FM Software Explore Waste Management Explore StarLink Service - STARLINX App Explore Other Technologies DRIVING BEHAVIOR Read More WIRELESS CONNECT Read More VEHICLE LOCATION Read More SECURITY AND CYBER Read More CAN INTERFACE Read More SEGMENT Read More FUEL MONITORING Read More

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