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  • Micro mobility in telematics.

    Telematics, which involves the integration of telecommunications and informatics, plays a critical role in enabling and managing micro mobility services such as bike-sharing and e-scooter sharing. With our solutions, you can overcome some of the challenges associated with telematics in micro-mobility: 1. Tracking in real-time: ERM's telematics solutions are designed for micromobility vehicles, including e-scooters and bikes, which allows service providers to monitor the location and status of their vehicles, ensuring they are functioning correctly and that users can access them as needed. 2. Management of micromobility vehicle batteries: ERM's telematics solutions can detect and report on the charge level and health of batteries within micromobility vehicles. This information can help service providers optimize their operations by ensuring that vehicles are charged and maintained properly, reducing the likelihood of service disruptions and enabling services such as Battery as a Service (BaaS). 3. User behavior monitoring: ERM's telematics solutions can monitor user behavior, such as how users are operating micro-mobility vehicles and where they are parking them. This information can help service providers encourage safe and responsible behavior among users, reducing the likelihood of accidents or improper use of vehicles. 4. Analytics and reporting: ERM's telematics solutions provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling service providers to analyze data about their operations and make data-driven decisions. For example, service providers can use this data to identify trends in usage, optimize vehicle deployment, and identify areas where additional resources may be needed. 5. Integration with other systems: ERM's telematics solutions can integrate with other systems, such as payment and billing systems, battery replacement HUBs etc, to provide a seamless user experience. It can simplify the management of multiple systems for service providers and streamline their operations. By using ERM Advanced Telematics solutions, service providers can address many of the challenges associated with micro-mobility services, which makes them more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

  • Why Are Vehicle Tracking Devices So Popular?

    The field of vehicle diagnostic has evolved over the years, and while the vehicle tracking device of yesteryears was complicated to use, bulky and required highly skilled talent to install it in vehicles, the GPS enabled vehicle tracking device of today is smaller in size, streamlined and very easy to install. Moreover, vehicle tracking systems of today really work and contribute significantly towards enhancing the ROI of fleet owners. The modern vehicle tracking devices do more than just track the whereabouts of vehicles – You can get detailed and summarized reports of how much the vehicle has travelled, how much of fuel is consumed, how many halts the driver has taken along the trip and a lot more! Why vehicle tracking devices were not so popular in the past The vehicle tracking devices in the past used to be installed within the vehicle and directly connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. The battery life was not that reliable and the devices could be easily spotted by mechanics and drivers. Moreover, the devices were not very powerful and often incapable of providing up to date and accurate data. Today’s devices are more subtle, can be easily confined and very easy to use. Why vehicle tracking devices are popular today The sensors in a vehicle tracking device collects and either stores the data itself or transmits it via a cellular network. Generally, the data is automatically uploaded to a cloud system from where it can be accessed by any computerized system. GPS enabled vehicle diagnostic systems assimilate sophisticated technology with a flexible mapping and reporting software program to ensure that the results analyzed by the systems are accurate, and that you get real time vehicle tracking data pertaining to vehicle location, in which direction the vehicle has traveled, its speed, idle time, and halts along the way. For what purposes are vehicle tracking devices used? Recovery of stolen vehicles Tracking vehicles when used as assets in business Surveillance Police investigation Military operations

  • Asset Tracking Devices And Systems Help To Enhance The Fleet’s ROI

    Many trucking businesses strive to be financially stronger today by using technology to improve their fleet’s performance levels. Asset tracking devices go a long way in addressing a fleet’s requirements and in analyzing all of its assets to improve the safety, security, productivity and efficiency standards. The main objective is to reduce wasted motion, monitor and save fuel expenses and improve the turnaround time. Tracking devices form an integral part of any asset tracking system. It’s worth knowing what an asset tracking system can do for you in terms of enhancing the return over investments and improving the performance levels. Increase the revenue per asset Asset tracking devices help to identify and capture important data by: Allowing the fleet to analyze and validate its actual services and provide information that facilitates improvement in operational efficiency. Offering a cost effective, fully integrated data record of assets’ activities which can improve utilization and reduce costs. Provide accurate information and data to avoid claims and disputes occurring between customers and the fleet drivers. Notify fleets about missed schedules as well as late departures to facilitate quick deliveries. Improve quality processes using trailer tracking systems Asset tracking devices assist in identifying ways and means to improve the quality process by: Offering real time visibility of the trailers whether they’re being actively used or parked in remote locations. Enhancing overall quality of the driver’s trip by eliminating unnecessary trips to locate trailers. Improving the trip turnaround response times. Improve compliance Asset tracking systems make asset management easier by employing processes which aid in achieving compliance by: Eliminating or reducing wasted dispatches while improving the work flow, permitting additional time for actual work and reducing the total on-duty hours consumed. Generating idle equipment reports which can assist the team in maintaining proper upkeep of trailer assets

  • Motorcycle Tracker: Do Not Let Your Vehicle Get Stolen

    People invest their hard-earned money in buying the fancy motorbikes. However losing it in a blink of eye is very upsetting. Continuously increasing number of burglaries, there is a steady threat to the vehicle. In order to keep these worries at bay Motorcycle trackeris a perfect help live tension free. The motorcycle tracker can be tracked by just sending the SMS from the mobile. The GPS tracking system installed in the bike, it replies to the sent SMS with the latitude, longitude and the speed of the motorbike. The GPS trailer tracking technology is used in the bikes to keep a track of the vehicle. The GPS technology necessarily involves the enhancement of performance in time and cost effectiveness. Unacceptably long time periods could be washed out in attempting to locate the whereabouts of particular trailers or where their drivers were on a particular delivery route prior to the introduction of a GPS trailer tracking. The motorcycle tracker is a small device that does not require much effort to be installed. The robust system can be of high significance and benefits for business that deals with sales and deliveries. An individual can easily track the location at the comfort of his or her own place. Apart from the benefits to a business, bike thefts can also be reduced using the systems. Quick look at the merits of a Motorcycle tracker: Real time alerting using 3D accelerometer Accident identification and speedy assistance for the same Security and monitoring capabilities Low power consumption mode to save the battery Hands free user control over alarm system For more information on motorcycle trackers visit

  • Real Time Gps Tracking Device and Its Different Uses

    Ever since the initiation of the real time GPS tracking device, it has taken the world by storm. With the help of this software, it is now possible to track just anything and anyone with the click of a button. The tools which earlier was meant exclusively for the private investigators and the police is now accessible even to the common masses. The best part about this device is it is compact, easy to use, completely self contained and battery operated. No matter, be it for personal or business applications, indeed there cannot be a better and effective means of monitoring an asset, a vehicle or a person than with the help of this tracking device. It is the perfect tracker for people’s needs. Irrespective of the model that one selects, they are assured to receive live updates the moment the tracking device is moved thereby enabling them to monitor closely what matters most from their Smartphone, Tablet, Computer or Laptop. Know more about its different uses This GPS tracker can be utilized for different purposes, both professional and personal. Some of these are as follows, To ensure the safety of kids when they travel both to as well as back from school It can be used to keep a track on the senior citizens and elderly people who are often prone to forgetfulness as a result of which stray from the abode and get lost while on the road A GPS tracker is also useful to keep a check on one’s vehicle both personal and business vehicles This tracking system can also be used to track the movement in the office pertaining to the office vehicle movement or the performance and productivity of the workers that work in the field Most importantly, it can help a great deal during disaster management as this tracker will assist to survey the disaster areas via mapping the different movements of forest fires, oil spills and storms To conclude, it may be stated that the GPS tracking device certainly has enormous potential and is expected in finding more uses in the coming years.

  • Gps Navigation Vehicle Tracker – How It Operates

    The Driver Monitoring System has shown up as a huge benefit for business entrepreneurs, especially individuals who have an industrial number of vehicles to deal with. Most frequently, the fleet could be a huge one. Monitoring these at any time over time might be a real challenge. It might be vital that you monitor the movements and direction of the vehicles to make a safe transfer and prompt services. You have to be capable of tracking the progress increase the client at regular times. Gps navigation Tracker-Fundamental Workings To be able to identify the place of the fleet, all of your vehicles have to be registered using the Driver Monitoring System. The satellite can suitably identify the coordinates from the vehicles no matter where they’re. This input will be changed into latitude and longitude readings, which result in a roadmap and it is displayed on your pc monitor online. The mapping technology utilized by this type of Vehicle Trackers is really precise. It will not only let you know about the position of the vehicle but it’ll also identify the direction along with the speed where it’s been traveling. They’re supervised constantly because they visit remote destinations. The machine works just like a Gps navigation tracker for the reason that it uses data push technology. Therefore, you could get actual updates instantly. Technology The Vehicle Trackers creates an easy technology. The satellite broadcasts the positioning of the carrier combined with the time. A satellite calculates the space in the tracker towards the receiver by how long it requires the tracking signal to visit in the vehicle towards the receiver. This information is then delivered to the processing unit and also the modem. Therefore would go to the information center using a wireless network. Finally, the information is placed in a variety of database servers that you could simply login to so that you can get on whenever you would like. You are able to gauge the position of the vehicle and also the street map in great detail too.

  • How to lower fleet operational costs?

    Every fleet owner, no matter the size and type of vehicle, seeks to lower the fleet’s operational costs and everyday expenses. More than 2/3 of the fleet’s management expenses go on fuel, which makes even a 10% deduction in fuel consumption to be a significant saving opportunity. So how can fleet owners save on fuel consumption? There are a few things every fleet owner can do, in order to save money on fuel expenses. Maintenance: Keeping the fleet vehicles maintained and in good a shape, have their tires air pressure checked at least once a week and keep it in the exact pressure as the manufacturer recommended. By installing a CANbus read device, the fleet manger can be notified in real time on any matter that requires attention or needs to be fixed. This way the mechanical state of the vehicle will not cause to any fuel waste, more than needs to be. Driving Habits: The driver’s behavior on the road can have a major impact on the fuel consumption. Fast acceleration, harsh breaking, driving on low gear, can all contribute to higher fuel consumption. ERM’s driving behavior solution operates with a 3-axis accelerometer that if installed right, will sense all the forces acting on the vehicle and transmit driving behavior alerts to the management system. By monitoring the driver’s behavior, and alerting the drivers when they make dangerous or aggressive maneuvers, they can improve their habits and the fuel consumption. Fuel Management: Fuel theft in a major problem to fleets, everywhere in the world. While the driver is on the road for most of the day, it is very hard to keep track and monitor his fuel consumption. Today there is wide variety of solutions to monitor and detect fuel level in order to have a better control and to identify theft events. Some more advanced solutions for fuel monitoring provide alerts on fuel theft and refueling events, and operate even when the ignition is Off… Implementing the necessary changes to the fleet’s operation have great value in savings and make a big difference to any fleet-based business. These solutions offer a quick Return On Investment (ROI) and prove themselves to be extremely valuable to the company and to its revenues and can save up to 30% (!) in overall fleet operational cost reduction.

  • A Glimpse of Telematics Device

    Since 1985, ERM is developing and manufacturing advanced solutions for vehicle security. Today, ERM is very proud of its market position. They reached a position where they are known as the cost-effective, robust-performing, easy-to-use, fast-implementing vehicle monitoring device providers. After using the devices, consumers agree that they are completely satisfied with the device and this is what they were looking for. The firm offers high-quality and unique telematics solutions for fleet managing companies. These technologically advanced solutions are proven to be best devices for vehicle tracking and vehicle monitoring and an effective solution in the event of vehicle theft. These smart tools are efficient fleet management service providers allowing them to offer better solutions to their customers. Fleet managing companies have benefited much from these driver monitoring solution services. Now they can see improvement in driver safety, driver productivity, customer service, reduction in operational costs, enhanced vehicle security and helping them to implement training period. Moreover, they can also pre-set alerts on various parameters such as over speeding, enter and exiting in Geo fenced areas, parking location, hard steering, braking, accelerating etc. These devices are best in monitoring the fuel tank in events of fuel theft or refueling, even when the ignition is off. Thus, one can say you will be notified of misconduct in the use of the vehicles. These devices are featured to use up to 4 temperature sensors. Apart from monitoring driver behavior, they can also contact them through voice calls, including eCall and bCall. ERM offers telematics solutions that convert original vehicle data into clear and simple information. These devices have powerful battery backup for prolonged operation.

  • Driver Monitoring Systems

    Many of the fleet managers urge the need to monitor their workers, track delivery progress and make sure that everything is right and safe, be it assets, vehicle or the driver. There are many challenges faced by the managers and it becomes even tougher when there is no clue about the journey. Sometimes drivers are enticed to assemble for lunch or make pointless stops. These idle activities can be held responsible for large amount of losses in profits for organization. The final solution: Driver monitoring system Shed all your worries off the shoulder with the modern GPS enabled driver monitoring system. You can gain a lot from the real-time tracking of every imaginable aspect of your fleet performance. This gives you the hold over your fleet and operation distributions letting business to be more successful and effective. The nifty system ensures 360-degree solution and major profits to the business: Track driver behaviour, curb the over speeding employee Eliminate the idle time Ensure employees are spending time for productive work Monitor timely deliveries and valuable assets Ensure employees arrive on time and complete tasks as per the deadline Eliminate employees’ unofficial weekend activities using office vehicles Avert drivers going out of the way to assemble for meeting or lunch Get constant notifications and updates of vehicle and driver from anywhere in the world Bottleneck analysis to examine the time wasted Save fuel through route control Effective time management Satisfy clients with the optimal service levels Ensure driver safety and performance Driver monitoring system eases your business and at the same time gives you the peace of mind. Get the live information and updates and minimize the risk. For more information visit

  • Benefits of Using Tracking Devices

    If your business relays on its vehicles, each one becomes valuable for the business’ operation and profits. So, why not protect them? The best way to monitor and track your assets is by using the StarLink Tracker, a vehicle tracking device, that works with all types of vehicles, and provides an accurate location. ERM’s vehicle tracking device enables the fleet owner to monitor and track his vehicles in real time, keep them safe, and maximize their productivity. Using a vehicle tracking device you can monitor: Location – Always get a real-time location with the tracking device in the vehicle. Be rest assured that your vehicle can be easily found, even if it had been stolen or moved without permission, the trackers enable a quick and easy stolen vehicle recovery. Vehicle’s speed – By installing a tracking device in your vehicle, you can easily know how fast the driver is going at any time. You could tell whether the vehicle is on the move or had stopped. If it obeys the rules of driving faster than the speed limit. Idle time and route – Keeping up with the driver’s route and idle time can have a significant impact on the fleet’s expenses can save a lot of money for the business. Monitoring idling time can improve loading and unloading time and increase overall effectiveness and service to the customers. Monitoring the routes that the driver’s take could reduce fuel consumption and improve delivering times while maintaining the work schedule. Tracking devices for vehicles and monitoring abilities are essential to any vehicle-based business, as more and more fleet owners start to look at vehicle tracking devices as a worthwhile investment to ensure efficiency in the long-run. The return on investment is assured, and the future of the fleet in ensured.

  • Fleet Management Made Easy with Karma

    Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task. Monitoring all the drivers, making sure they are all safe and perform their job in the best way, regularly make sure all the vehicles are well maintained, assign routes and follow that each cargo reaches its destination. the fleet manager has a lot of responsibility on his mind, and a lot of details to pay attention to, and it becomes even harder in a fleet of hundreds and thousands of vehicles. Luckily, today there are many tools designed to provide the fleet manager with all the important information he needs, in order to control the fleet and make the right decisions at the right time. Other than assisting the fleet manager to perform his job effectively, these tools also assist him to improve the fleet’s efficiency and save a great deal of money to the company. Managing fleets has become much easier with ERM’s Karma – a user-friendly fleet management software, that will assist the fleet manager in getting better results and have greater control. Fleet management software Karma is a smart and intuitive software, that answers fleet-related questions and provide detailed reports on the drivers and vehicles state and whereabouts. This fleet management software can benefit the fleet manager in many ways: Simple answers to simple questions. You can ask Karma any question and get a clear and immediate answer. For example – “Where is Josh right now”. The karma will instantly load a map, showing Josh and his vehicle in real time, along with relevant information regarding the route, his speed, how much fuel he has left in the tank, and other information. User friendly interface. Using Karma don’t require any previous knowledge or training. The software is easy to understand and use, the icons are universal, and all the information you wish to get is just a click away. You could easily master the software and use it to monitor and track the fleet, and to issue reports. Detailed reports. Integrating the fleet management software with ERM’s products and add-ons, will enable the fleet manager to receive a wide and drivers’ information of the fleet. Safety habits, aggressive maneuvers, travel speed, idling, planned vs executed route, fuel state and fueling events, stops along the way, CANbus information, engine temperature and much more. All can be easily displayed to the fleet manager using the Karma. Deliveries schedule. Many times, the deliveries are not performed as scheduled. There are many reasons for the delays, and the Karma can provide the fleet manager a real-time view of the vehicle, along with an estimated time for arrival. It can issue a notification once the driver has made his delivery for the fleet manager to monitor his progress. With so many benefits, the Karma has become a favorite tool to fleet managers all over the world, that make the best of what ERM’s technology and vast experience has to offer.

  • Telematics Tracking Devices

    The GPS Tracking Systems were initiated from the evolution of the smart phones, personal computers and the Internet. These all brought together to create a new technology which is known as Vehicle Telematics device. The most popular among vehicle Telematics solutions is the tracking device for Vehicles. With ERM’s StarLink Tracker, you can be sure that the vehicle will be in monitored at all times. Safety: When combining Tracking ability together with safety features, it is possible to monitor not only the vehicles, but the drivers as well, make sure they are on the right route, and that they are driving in safe manner. This combined solution will insure that the driver, the vehicle and the cargo – all arrive to their destination safe. ERM’s StraLink TrackerSF was designed to ensure the safety of the whole fleet operation, to provide the fleet manager with tools to monitor the fleet in real time, and to alert him in cases of reckless or aggressive driving behavior. Save money: Safe driving behavior save the fleet owner a lot of money on expenses such as – fuel, maintenance, insurance and more. Tracking the vehicles at all times will prevent unauthorized use of the vehicles and prevent vehicle’s theft. ERM offers StarLink eConnect, a patented solution to assist SVR companies to recover vehicles, even if a jammer was activated it attempt to stop the tracker’s communication. Better control: The fleet manager should get all the information regarding the fleet’s operation, but in order to stay in control, he should only get the relevant information for him. ERM’s solutions enable the fleet manager to set rules that will determine what kind of information he wants to receive and when. With ERM’s fleet management software it is possible to issue reports, to compare the drivers’ performance, and to receive valuable information and to take the necessary actions to improve the fleet’s operation. weekly or monthly reports as required. You can keep track of underused vehicles and inventory, everything related to the vehicle from your wireless device and internet connection. There are many reasons for installing vehicle Telematics solution, that will assist the fleet manager to get a better control, save the company a lot of money, and will keep the drivers and vehicles safe. To see all of ERM’s solutions for tracking and monitoring the vehicles, Click Here