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  • Unleashing Innovation in Telematics GPS trackers!

    At ERM Advanced Telematics, we're revolutionizing the world of tracking devices with cutting-edge technology that doesn't just keep up with the pace of change – it sets the benchmark. 🌡Extreme Temperature Resilience: Whether it's summer heat or bone-chilling winter cold, our technology remains the same. Moisture Resistant: Rain or shine, our devices keep going. We understand that the elements can be unpredictable, which is why our trackers are built to withstand moisture and wet conditions. Durable and Lightweight: We believe in a perfect blend of strength and convenience. Experience the future of Telematics GPS trackers today. Explore ERM Advanced Telematics and unlock a new realm of possibilities!

  • Welcome Mario!

    Our ERM Advanced Telematics family is growing bigger and we couldn't be happier to introduce our newest member, Mario Bueno, our amazing new LATAM Sales Manager! Mario Bueno brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With his dynamic personality and passion for telematics, he's ready to take the Latin American market by storm. From Colombia to Peru and everywhere in between, Mario will be your go-to guy for all things ERM Advanced Telematics. So, join us in warmly welcoming Mario to the team! We're confident that his presence will bring fresh perspectives, new opportunities, and increased success for our company and, most importantly, for you, our valued customers. Let's raise 🥂 a virtual toast to Mario and our bright future! #success #team #opportunities #colombia #latam #newmember #telematics #fleetmanagement #israel #newjob

  • Micro mobility in telematics.

    Telematics, which involves the integration of telecommunications and informatics, plays a critical role in enabling and managing micro mobility services such as bike-sharing and e-scooter sharing. With our solutions, you can overcome some of the challenges associated with telematics in micro-mobility: 1. Tracking in real-time: ERM's telematics solutions are designed for micromobility vehicles, including e-scooters and bikes, which allows service providers to monitor the location and status of their vehicles, ensuring they are functioning correctly and that users can access them as needed. 2. Management of micromobility vehicle batteries: ERM's telematics solutions can detect and report on the charge level and health of batteries within micromobility vehicles. This information can help service providers optimize their operations by ensuring that vehicles are charged and maintained properly, reducing the likelihood of service disruptions and enabling services such as Battery as a Service (BaaS). 3. User behavior monitoring: ERM's telematics solutions can monitor user behavior, such as how users are operating micro-mobility vehicles and where they are parking them. This information can help service providers encourage safe and responsible behavior among users, reducing the likelihood of accidents or improper use of vehicles. 4. Analytics and reporting: ERM's telematics solutions provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling service providers to analyze data about their operations and make data-driven decisions. For example, service providers can use this data to identify trends in usage, optimize vehicle deployment, and identify areas where additional resources may be needed. 5. Integration with other systems: ERM's telematics solutions can integrate with other systems, such as payment and billing systems, battery replacement HUBs etc, to provide a seamless user experience. It can simplify the management of multiple systems for service providers and streamline their operations. By using ERM Advanced Telematics solutions, service providers can address many of the challenges associated with micro-mobility services, which makes them more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

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  • SECURITY & CYBER | ERM Telematics

    SECURITY ERM has developed several technologies for automotive security attack prevention for the automotive sector and the cyber-security market. ​ ERM’s patented technology for cyber-attacks prevention is designed to protect vehicles against ransomware and other cyber-attacks from external communication interfaces. ​ Cyber technology is suited for both OEMs and aftermarket implementations and is designed to protect against unauthorized breach through external communication interfaces such as an OBD plug, BT module, an infotainment system and similar. For more traditional vehicle security protection, ERM has developed technology to delay the thieves as much as possible. The technology includes an immobilization system with a wireless interface, control over vehicle doors and windows and a set of sensors for towing alert and vehicle breach. ​ With ERM’s advanced Vehicle Security and Cyber technology, OEM’s and vehicle distributors can obtain direct communication with their customers for long-term periods, while securing their customer’s vehicle CANbus, preventing hacking, and monitoring breaches and towing attempts. ​ Fleet managers can benefit from after-market implementations of ERM’s technologies and have better protection while monitoring their vehicle fleets, receiving real-time alerts on each security related event. Featured Solutions Immobilizer ​ Explore Prevent CANbus Hacking Explore Tow Detection ​ Explore Other Technologies VEHICLE LOCATION Read more WIRELESS CONNECT Read more CAN INTERFACE Read more SECURITY & CYBER Read more FUEL MONITORING Read more SEGMENT Read more DRIVING BEHAVIOR Read more

  • StarLink Tracker | ERM Telematics

    StarLink Tracker Modular Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Device StarLink Tracker is a versatile telematics device, with highly configurable functionality and various variants to enrich and support any requirement and challenge in the Fleet Management, Vehicle Diagnostic, Driver and Passenger Safety, and many additional automotive Connected Car solutions requirements. ​ These additional features can come embedded in the device or as external Add-Ons, added at any time after installation, from ERM’s growing portfolio of Add-Ons and Accessories. StarLink Tracker is compatible with most vehicle types and complies with automotive, radio and safety standards worldwide. ​ With a wide variety of Add-Ons and Accessories StarLink Tracker offers a highly modular solution for any fleet requirement. ​ The StarLink Tracker comes with a comprehensive I/O with one wire communication port that offers fast and simple connectivity to ERM's wide variety of accessories, for added-value applications, such as: PND solution with Garmin integration Diagnostic features: CANBUS, FMSJ1939/1708 (using eData ) Fuel theft alert and fuel level monitoring (using eFuel ) Driver behavior and BlackBox (using eSafe ) Security and Immobilizing solution (using eCut or LCA ) Key Features Technical Specifications Environment & Software 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Compliant with all vehicles equipped with OBD port ​ Automatic leveling and calibration ​ 25 vehicle types profiles for accurate driving behavior ​ Real-time driver behavior alerts and accidents detection ​ 20 maneuver types in 3 levels: Normal, Aggressive, Dangerous ​ DTC ​ 2G Quad-band GSM or 3G Dual Band modem ​ OBD II support ​ Up to 5 CAN parameters support ​ Internal backup battery ​ Sleep mode 4 Featured products eSafe Explore eData Explore Download

  • StarLink Asset | ERM Telematics

    StarLink Asset Trailer and Asset Tracking Device StarLink Asset is a tracking solution for trailers, containers and other valuable assets. The StarLink Asset is highly resistant to the outdoor environment and provides a powerful long-life battery for long-lasting functionality. ​ The StarLink Asset is equipped with an integrated accelerometer and shock sensors, enabling the device to report only when motion is detected and to switch between two transmission profiles with different transmitting intervals, for long battery life and better efficiency. ​ Key Features Long life functionality - up to 2000 transmissions Increased secu rity features Easy and fast installation, using powerful magnets Features Technical Specifications Environment & Software 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 Quad Band 2G or Dual Band EU/US for 3G cellular Embedded GSM and GPS antennas ​ Geo-Fence management and alerts Low power consumption ​ Cellular jamming detection ​ Integrated 3D accelerometer and shock sensors Featured products eSafe Explore eData Explore Download

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