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Improve the Way You Manage Your Fleet

Whether the fleet is small or large, choosing the right tools to manage it, is a considerable decision. Incorporating a fleet management solution has an immediate impact on the firm productivity, efficiency and profitability. ERM introduces a turn-key solution to monitor, control and manage fleets. ERM offers a revolutionary, easy-to-use fleet management technology, with real-time reporting and alerting to maintain the safety of the drivers, the vehicles, and the cargo.

ERM's offer

ERM offers a set of modular solutions and tools to assist fleet managers and fleet owners to manage their day to day fleet operations with actionable information:

  • Tracking solutions, that can be modified for the needs of the fleet management operation

  • High quality and long life lasting hardware products, both tracking devices, and accessories.

  • Tools to improve the driving behavior and the safety of the fleet

  • Tools to manage the fleet and improve the driver’s productivity

  • Driver assistance solutions, including alerts and notifications

  • Monitoring and prevention of fuel theft

  • Security measures to prevent theft and increase vehicle security

  • An open protocol with highly customization capabilities, to accommodate partner software special requirements (for integration with a service provider’s software)

Using ERM’s offering for Fleet Management, our partners and customers will achieve quick Return On Investment due to better fleet performance, better product quality, and better service while reducing operational cost.


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