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How to lower fleet operational costs?

Every fleet owner, no matter the size and type of vehicle, seeks to lower the fleet’s operational costs and everyday expenses.

More than 2/3 of the fleet’s management expenses go on fuel, which makes even a 10% deduction in fuel consumption to be a significant saving opportunity.

So how can fleet owners save on fuel consumption? There are a few things every fleet owner can do, in order to save money on fuel expenses.

Maintenance: Keeping the fleet vehicles maintained and in good a shape, have their tires air pressure checked at least once a week and keep it in the exact pressure as the manufacturer recommended. By installing a CANbus read device, the fleet manger can be notified in real time on any matter that requires attention or needs to be fixed. This way the mechanical state of the vehicle will not cause to any fuel waste, more than needs to be.

Driving Habits: The driver’s behavior on the road can have a major impact on the fuel consumption. Fast acceleration, harsh breaking, driving on low gear, can all contribute to higher fuel consumption. ERM’s driving behavior solution operates with a 3-axis accelerometer that if installed right, will sense all the forces acting on the vehicle and transmit driving behavior alerts to the management system. By monitoring the driver’s behavior, and alerting the drivers when they make dangerous or aggressive maneuvers, they can improve their habits and the fuel consumption.

Fuel Management: Fuel theft in a major problem to fleets, everywhere in the world. While the driver is on the road for most of the day, it is very hard to keep track and monitor his fuel consumption. Today there is wide variety of solutions to monitor and detect fuel level in order to have a better control and to identify theft events. Some more advanced solutions for fuel monitoring provide alerts on fuel theft and refueling events, and operate even when the ignition is Off…

Implementing the necessary changes to the fleet’s operation have great value in savings and make a big difference to any fleet-based business. These solutions offer a quick Return On Investment (ROI) and prove themselves to be extremely valuable to the company and to its revenues and can save up to 30% (!) in overall fleet operational cost reduction.


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