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Driver Monitoring Systems

Many of the fleet managers urge the need to monitor their workers, track delivery progress and make sure that everything is right and safe, be it assets, vehicle or the driver.

There are many challenges faced by the managers and it becomes even tougher when there is no clue about the journey. Sometimes drivers are enticed to assemble for lunch or make pointless stops. These idle activities can be held responsible for large amount of losses in profits for organization.

The final solution: Driver monitoring system

Shed all your worries off the shoulder with the modern GPS enabled driver monitoring system. You can gain a lot from the real-time tracking of every imaginable aspect of your fleet performance. This gives you the hold over your fleet and operation distributions letting business to be more successful and effective.

The nifty system ensures 360-degree solution and major profits to the business:

  1. Track driver behaviour, curb the over speeding employee

  2. Eliminate the idle time

  3. Ensure employees are spending time for productive work

  4. Monitor timely deliveries and valuable assets

  5. Ensure employees arrive on time and complete tasks as per the deadline

  6. Eliminate employees’ unofficial weekend activities using office vehicles

  7. Avert drivers going out of the way to assemble for meeting or lunch

  8. Get constant notifications and updates of vehicle and driver from anywhere in the world

  9. Bottleneck analysis to examine the time wasted

  10. Save fuel through route control

  11. Effective time management

  12. Satisfy clients with the optimal service levels

  13. Ensure driver safety and performance

  14. Driver monitoring system eases your business and at the same time gives you the peace of mind. Get the live information and updates and minimize the risk. For more information visit


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