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Fleet Management Made Easy with Karma

Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task. Monitoring all the drivers, making sure they are all safe and perform their job in the best way, regularly make sure all the vehicles are well maintained, assign routes and follow that each cargo reaches its destination. the fleet manager has a lot of responsibility on his mind, and a lot of details to pay attention to, and it becomes even harder in a fleet of hundreds and thousands of vehicles.

Luckily, today there are many tools designed to provide the fleet manager with all the important information he needs, in order to control the fleet and make the right decisions at the right time. Other than assisting the fleet manager to perform his job effectively, these tools also assist him to improve the fleet’s efficiency and save a great deal of money to the company.

Managing fleets has become much easier with ERM’s Karma – a user-friendly fleet management software, that will assist the fleet manager in getting better results and have greater control.

Fleet management software

Karma is a smart and intuitive software, that answers fleet-related questions and provide detailed reports on the drivers and vehicles state and whereabouts. This fleet management software can benefit the fleet manager in many ways:

  • Simple answers to simple questions. You can ask Karma any question and get a clear and immediate answer. For example – “Where is Josh right now”. The karma will instantly load a map, showing Josh and his vehicle in real time, along with relevant information regarding the route, his speed, how much fuel he has left in the tank, and other information.

  • User friendly interface. Using Karma don’t require any previous knowledge or training. The software is easy to understand and use, the icons are universal, and all the information you wish to get is just a click away. You could easily master the software and use it to monitor and track the fleet, and to issue reports.

  • Detailed reports. Integrating the fleet management software with ERM’s products and add-ons, will enable the fleet manager to receive a wide and drivers’ information of the fleet. Safety habits, aggressive maneuvers, travel speed, idling, planned vs executed route, fuel state and fueling events, stops along the way, CANbus information, engine temperature and much more. All can be easily displayed to the fleet manager using the Karma.

  • Deliveries schedule. Many times, the deliveries are not performed as scheduled. There are many reasons for the delays, and the Karma can provide the fleet manager a real-time view of the vehicle, along with an estimated time for arrival. It can issue a notification once the driver has made his delivery for the fleet manager to monitor his progress.

With so many benefits, the Karma has become a favorite tool to fleet managers all over the world, that make the best of what ERM’s technology and vast experience has to offer.


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