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ERM develops designated technologies and customized solutions to answer our partner’s requests, assisting them to undertake unique and particular projects. All this as part of ERM’s strategy to support its partners in expanding their businesses and penetrating new niches.

ERM’s Segment technologies, both proprietary and market standard, can be presented as a part of a tracking device, or introduced as an Add-on to a tracking device. In order to offer full accessibility and support to third-party sensors and applications, ERM develops External Device Adaptors (EDA), using Segment technologies.

Even if you haven’t found the technology or solution that answers your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to utilize our vast experience and knowledge to assist you in developing the right solution for your needs.

Featured Solutions

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Anti Trap

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Cement Monitoring

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Cold Chain

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Karma - FM Software

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Waste Management

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StarLink Service - STARLINX App

Other Technologies