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StarLink Service - STARLINX App

ERM StarLink technology for telematics is now available also as a Mobile Service for drivers and fleet users, keeping the vehicle owner connected to his vehicle at all times enabling both safety and comfort functionality !

StarLink service is presented by the STARLINX Mobile App, enabling communication and connectivity by using the user's mobile phones as the platform for the telematics network, enabling both reporting events and information on a cloud server and local wireless connectivity with additional hardware sensor/s to support various functionalities, such as:

  • Drive Types Selection

  • Driver Identification

  • Driver Behavior monitoring

  • Accident Detection

  • Location and Routing

In parallel, STARLINX offers better and more closer Owner/Vehicle relationship, offering interactive features and supporting vehicle operational management functionality, such as:

  • Remote controlling of the vehicle doors, windows, trunk, hood etc*

  • Remote immobilization control

  • Vehicle Documentation Record

  • Service Providers details

  • Direct Calling for SOS / Road Side Assistance

and many more to follow...


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* Based on vehicle support

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StarLink Service - STARLINX App

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