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Telematics Tracking Devices

The GPS Tracking Systems were initiated from the evolution of the smart phones, personal computers and the Internet. These all brought together to create a new technology which is known as Vehicle Telematics device.

The most popular among vehicle Telematics solutions is the tracking device for Vehicles. With ERM’s StarLink Tracker, you can be sure that the vehicle will be in monitored at all times.

Safety: When combining Tracking ability together with safety features, it is possible to monitor not only the vehicles, but the drivers as well, make sure they are on the right route, and that they are driving in safe manner. This combined solution will insure that the driver, the vehicle and the cargo – all arrive to their destination safe. ERM’s StraLink TrackerSF was designed to ensure the safety of the whole fleet operation, to provide the fleet manager with tools to monitor the fleet in real time, and to alert him in cases of reckless or aggressive driving behavior.

Save money: Safe driving behavior save the fleet owner a lot of money on expenses such as – fuel, maintenance, insurance and more. Tracking the vehicles at all times will prevent unauthorized use of the vehicles and prevent vehicle’s theft. ERM offers StarLink eConnect, a patented solution to assist SVR companies to recover vehicles, even if a jammer was activated it attempt to stop the tracker’s communication.

Better control: The fleet manager should get all the information regarding the fleet’s operation, but in order to stay in control, he should only get the relevant information for him. ERM’s solutions enable the fleet manager to set rules that will determine what kind of information he wants to receive and when. With ERM’s fleet management software it is possible to issue reports, to compare the drivers’ performance, and to receive valuable information and to take the necessary actions to improve the fleet’s operation. weekly or monthly reports as required. You can keep track of underused vehicles and inventory, everything related to the vehicle from your wireless device and internet connection.

There are many reasons for installing vehicle Telematics solution, that will assist the fleet manager to get a better control, save the company a lot of money, and will keep the drivers and vehicles safe.

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