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ERM adopts and leverages a wide variety of technologies for telematics, vehicle diagnostics, connected car, fleet management, driver and passenger safety, and vehicle security applications.

ERM’s offerings are based on a range of wireless technologies (including cellular communications, RF, Short-Range wireless communication and Wi-Fi) and are intended to improve the protection, management and diagnostics operations for vehicles, fleets and valuable assets and to assist the service provider and the end customer in reducing their operational costs.

ERM’s technologies have been chosen by a selection of leading companies and corporations from all over the world, thanks to its great flexibility, and the ability to adapt the technology to the user’s needs in order to bring added value to their customers and to maximize their results and their fleet efficiency.

ERM’s innovative technologies are suited to support:

  • Service Providers and Tier 1 suppliers – The use of ERM technology and solutions, integrated into their software and services, enables Service Providers and Tier 1 suppliers to provide a full end to end fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) services, including hardware, software, installations and technical support.

  • OEM’s and Vehicle Importers – Tools to strengthen relations with the customer, even after the expiration of the warranty, by maintaining direct communication and providing customized offers and realtime services during the vehicle’s lifespan.

  • Vehicle Owners and Drivers – Technologies that can provide realtime information to vehicle owners and drivers regarding the vehicle’s state, implement safe driving habits and improve efficiency and safety.