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Asset Tracking Devices And Systems Help To Enhance The Fleet’s ROI

Many trucking businesses strive to be financially stronger today by using technology to improve their fleet’s performance levels. Asset tracking devices go a long way in addressing a fleet’s requirements and in analyzing all of its assets to improve the safety, security, productivity and efficiency standards. The main objective is to reduce wasted motion, monitor and save fuel expenses and improve the turnaround time. Tracking devices form an integral part of any asset tracking system. It’s worth knowing what an asset tracking system can do for you in terms of enhancing the return over investments and improving the performance levels.

Increase the revenue per asset Asset tracking devices help to identify and capture important data by:

  1. Allowing the fleet to analyze and validate its actual services and provide information that facilitates improvement in operational efficiency.

  2. Offering a cost effective, fully integrated data record of assets’ activities which can improve utilization and reduce costs.

  3. Provide accurate information and data to avoid claims and disputes occurring between customers and the fleet drivers.

  4. Notify fleets about missed schedules as well as late departures to facilitate quick deliveries.

  5. Improve quality processes using trailer tracking systems

Asset tracking devices assist in identifying ways and means to improve the quality process by:

  1. Offering real time visibility of the trailers whether they’re being actively used or parked in remote locations.

  2. Enhancing overall quality of the driver’s trip by eliminating unnecessary trips to locate trailers.

  3. Improving the trip turnaround response times.

Improve compliance Asset tracking systems make asset management easier by employing processes which aid in achieving compliance by:

  1. Eliminating or reducing wasted dispatches while improving the work flow, permitting additional time for actual work and reducing the total on-duty hours consumed.

  2. Generating idle equipment reports which can assist the team in maintaining proper upkeep of trailer assets


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