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ERM launches new products to improve driving using human voice warnings

Parking Habits technology helps car financing companies retrieve vehicles

ERM completed development of eCyber - device that protects vehicles against cyber-attacks

New eFuel DOME
NO drill and NO wires needed
99,9% accuracy

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About ERM

"When your dreams are limited by your knowledge, just use your imagination"
Meir Hayman, founder and CEO

Since 1985 ERM Advanced Telematics has been developing new technologies and products for the automotive market. ERM develops both hardware and software solutions. ERM also adopts and leverages a wide range of third-party technologies in order to expand the solution’s benefits.

By doing so we add more value to our partners, allowing them to penetrate new niche markets and capture a greater market share so as to expand their businesses and provide intelligent solutions for fleets all over the world.

ERM’s Technologies

We develop the next generation automotive technologies