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Usage Based Insurance

ERM solutions for UBI (Usage Based Insurance) and PAYD (Pay As You Drive) applications that offer a stable and strong foundation for auto insurers to create uniquely targeted programs based on the driver’s driving habits and use of the vehicle.

This solution enables the insurance company to monitor the drivers’ behavior and accordingly to generate a ranking system, based on their driving skills, the level of risk they pose and the distance they drive.

The solution ERM offers for UBI is based on telematics and a tracking device with 3 sensitive axes, 8G accelerometer. It enables real-time tracking, accurate driving behavior analysis according to the type of vehicle, and a black-box for accident reconstruction.

This solution provides the insurance company with an opportunity to build custom packages for different drivers, minimize their risk and insurance claims, and provide their customers with real-time assistance in the event of accidents, vehicle malfunctions, or other emergency cases.

Recommended Products

Tracking Devices

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Starlink Tracker


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eFlash and ePoly

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Additional Solutions

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Driver Alerts

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Driver Behavior

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Other Technologies