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Temp. Sensor

Temperature Sensor for Cold Chain

Cold Chain transportation operations requires a careful attention to the cargo’s temperature at all times, from the moment it was picked up, and until it reaches its destination.

ERM’s Temperature Sensors are suited for any cargo that requires to maintain a certain temperature such as – pharmaceutical, food, flowers, and other sensitive commodity that is subjected to certain regulations.

In order to monitor the cargo’s temperature and receive real time alerts regarding any temperature change, ERM offers Temperature Sensors, together with StarLink Tracker device.

The Temperature Sensors, installed in different areas of the cooling compartment, monitor the temperature of the cargo at all times. Once the temperature has changed, below or above the predefined threshold, the StarLink Tracker issues a real-time alert, enabling the driver to check the cargo for any problem and immediately take care of it, to prevent any damage to the refrigerated goods.

Using ERM’sTemperature Sensors, enable to maintain the cargo in the highest quality, and to protect and control the refrigerated items.

Operational temperature range: -55° to 120° C.

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