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ERM offers different solutions for Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations. The solutions vary from basic implementation to more comprehensive SVR solutions, in order to assist in the retrieving of vehicles and enable each of our partners to find the solution best fitted to them and to provide them with a competitive advantage that will help them establish their market position.

ERM’s SVR basic implementation consists of an immobilization system, which requires the drivers to identify themselves by using a code or other identification method. Other options include an alarm system, break-in sensors, tow detection, remote door and windows control, and vehicle location. Some more sophisticated technological implementations include CANbus integration to evaluate the use made of the vehicle and to remotely immobilize it or to control the vehicle’s speed in some cases.

Some more comprehensive Stolen Vehicle Recovery solutions offered by ERM include a tracking device with a backup battery, dedicated Ignition input, and additional I\O for accessories, as well as a variety of Add-On features that can be added at any time, using a one-wire-com. The Add-On features are based on the wide range of ERM's sensors and hardware applications, as well as applications from third-party vendors.


Some other possible solutions for assisting ERM’s partners in SVR operations include:

Jamming Mitigation: Intended to report events of vehicle theft where cellular Jammers have been used. Once a jamming situation was identified, it automatically switches the communication to RF (LORA), alerting all vehicles in the vicinity that the vehicles have been stolen.

Parking Habits: Supports SVR operations for BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) agencies when the customer stops paying and disconnects the tracking device. By monitoring and analyzing the vehicle’s parking behavior, the repossession team can foresee when and where the vehicle will park, and safely retrieve the vehicle. 

Recommended Products

Tracking Devices

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Starlink Tracker

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Starlink eConnect

Additional Solutions

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Asset Tracking

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Fleet Management

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Motorcycle Tracking

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Parking Habits

Other Technologies