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StarLink EV

StarLink EV.png
Telematics Solution for Electric Vehicles

StarLink EV is a unique telematics solution for Electric Vehicles with an operating voltage of up to 80V,  that can be used in scooters and other two-wheelers vehicles.

StarLink EV supports CANBUS interface and safety features for driving behavior monitoring and is best suited for applications such as vehicle sharing, battery operation monitoring and micro-mobility fleet management.

StarLink EV supports additional variants that can be added:

  1. CANBUS - The device offers ERM's CANBUS interface, supporting OBD2 protocol and DTC error codes.

  2. Safety - ERM’s Safety technology with 3D high sensitivity accelerometer and gyro for Driving Behavior analysis.







Supports High-powered electric vehicles and assets

CANBUS interface (optional)

Extensive safety features for driver behavior scoring

Advanced battery monitoring function including SoH (state of health) check 

Embedded Cellular and GPS antennas

Internal backup battery

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