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StarLink Asset

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Trailer and Asset Tracking Device

StarLink Asset is a tracking solution for trailers, containers and other valuable assets. The StarLink Asset is highly resistant to the outdoor environment and provides a powerful long-life battery for long-lasting functionality.

The StarLink Asset is equipped with an integrated accelerometer and shock sensors, enabling the device to report only when motion is detected and to switch between two transmission profiles with different transmitting intervals, for long battery life and better efficiency.

Key Features

  • Long life functionality - up to 2000 transmissions 

  • Increased security features

  • Easy and fast installation, using powerful magnets








Quad Band 2G or Dual Band EU/US for 3G cellular


Embedded GSM and GPS antennas

Geo-Fence management and alerts


Low power consumption

Cellular jamming detection

Integrated 3D accelerometer and shock sensors


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