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Smart Windows

Automatic Power Window Controller.

Smart Windows is a windows lifter, suited for all vehicles equipped with a power windows controller. Smart Windows is an automated smart windows closer, integrated into the vehicles window motor and controlled by the remote locking system. It enables users to remotely lift their vehicle windows while it is parked, without having to use the ignition key or the windows switch.

The Smart Windows is equipped with a safety mechanism so that If an object is blocking the way or interferes, it will immediately lower the windows. For example, if a passenger places his hand on the window while it’s rolling up, Smart Windows will sense an interference and will command the power windows system to immediately stop and lower the windows back down.

Smart Windows can be easily configured with:

  • Starter switch 

  • Lights signaling system

  • Locking engine

  • Locking buttons 

Smart safety system that identifies obstructions

Automatic 4 windows roll-up when car is locked 

12V 24 pins connector

Functions cooperatively with the car’s manufacturer’s settings 

One touch feature for windows auto lifting and lowering 

Operational personalization such as lifting order, lifting sensitivity etc.







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