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Importance Of Fuel Monitoring System In Preventing Fuel Theft

Fleet owners now have to cover the extra mile to make their businesses profitable. In the recent times, an effective remedy to reduce operational costs is to make use of fuel monitoring systems and keep tabs upon how vehicles and their drivers are performing. Here’s how it’s done.

Fuel Monitoring System

As fuel prices keep on sky rocketing globally, it has become increasingly important to put tabs on fuel consumption and make effective usage of fossil fuels. Car manufacturers are experimenting with hybrid fuel cars to meet the global oil consumption challenges, but as the technology is still in its infancy stage, the cost of such fuel efficient cars is still very high. In such cases, the only option fleet owners have is to use GPS technology and monitor fuel consumption. Typically, a fuel monitoring system is linked up with an internet enabled computer system or an advanced smartphone capable of displaying maps and coordinates. Using GPS technology, fleet owners come to know exactly how much their vehicles have traveled besides knowing about the speeds at which they have traveled and where they’re currently located.

Fuel Management

Fuel management systems making use of GPS technology automatically generate various types of useful graphs based upon the distance traveled by the vehicle from point A to point B. Such graphs are a boon to business owners as they help to identify various technical and usage related pitfalls such as increased fuel consumption owing to incorrect tire pressure, incorrect functioning of the heat burners, etc. Fuel management systems provide precise information pertaining to fuel consumption and also indicate activities involving fuel draining, fuel fraud and fuel over-consumption.

Fuel Monitoring

Long distance driving, typically the case with transport companies, and sometimes even fleet owners, requires frequent filling of fuel from gas stations. Drivers employed by the companies often try to take advantage by manipulating the bill amount and pocket a small sum of money. To counter this GPS fuel monitoring trackers provide an opportunity to monitor where, when, and how much quantity of fuel was filled into the gas tank. It makes manipulation difficult for the drivers and dramatically reduces the operation costs.


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