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Motorcycle Tracking

ERM's Motorcycle Tracking solution is designed for the unique requirements of the motorcycle’s environment. It offers comprehensive motorcycle tracking abilities and anti-theft protection.

This solution secures the motorcycle from theft by enabling remote monitoring of its whereabouts at all times, and remote immobilizing. it also provides an alerting mechanism in case of an impact, if the motorcycle falls, or if the motorcycle is touched.

ERM’s Motorcycle Tracking solution also ensures the safety of the driver, as it offers shock sensors and SOS alerts in the event of an accident.

With a backup battery and low operation power, ERM’s solution for motorcycle tracking will provide tracking and theft protection for a long period of time, even when the motorcycle is parked.

The solution is adjusted to comply with most of the insurance companies’ terms.


Main features of ERM's motorcycle solution:

  • Security and tracking capabilities

  • Low power consumption mode for long battery life

  • Immobilization system

  • Remote control to arm/disarm the immobilizer

  • Hands-Free user control over the alarm system

  • Detection of accidents and alerting in real time using 3D accelerometer

  • Alarm system

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