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Multi-Sensor Solution

IoTLink is a sensing solution, used to remotely track and monitor assets, from vehicles and containers to pallets and even down to the box level. This makes it possible for fleet managers to monitor the conditions of their assets at all times, from the moment of packing for shipment and up until arrival at the final destination.

ERM's IoTLink sensor can monitor multiple conditions such as temperature, humidity, different types of motion like tilting, bumping and falling, opening and closing of the package, and light to know if the asset was exposed to direct sun. By using the IoTLink kit, which includes sensors and gateways, a message is sent indicating the time and location of any breach in the event of a deviation from any of the predefined terms that occurs during the transportation process.

The IoTLink does not require installation and can operate for years without recharging. The IoTLink products communicate between themselves using Short-Range wireless communication. The solution is fully adjustable, so it enables users to define any set of parameters in order to get only the relevant information they require.

The ability of the IoTLink to generate customized and automated alerts is transforming this technology into a meaningful tool and a source for knowledge that can serve a number of sectors such as fleet management, agriculture, logistics, food and beverages, infrastructure, and assist in making quick decisions and implementing the proper response.

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