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Fleet Management

Fuel consumption monitoring can save a significant amount of money and has a major impact on every fleet’s operational expenses.

ERM’s Fuel Monitoring solution can ease some of the fleet manager’s most common worries: Where and when did the vehicle refuel, was there a fuel theft event, which of the routes consumes more fuel, which driver’s driving habits are the least fuel efficient etc.

ERM’s Fuel Monitoring solution enables vehicle fleet managers to generate fuel consumption graphs and to be aware and alerted to any fuel-related events, such as fuel theft or refueling events, even when the ignition is off.

The solution is easy to use. It provides a clear view of the fuel consumption and usage, and related events for each of the drivers or vehicles in the fleet. The Fuel Monitoring solution helps the fleet manager take the necessary action at the right time, in order to ensure reasonable and responsible fuel consumption.

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Tracking Devices

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Additional Solutions

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Fuel Theft Detection

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