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Fleet Management

Reports and research of the past few years in Europe, show that many fleet management implementations fail due to their complexity in design, the installation process, and in the ability to clearly present benefits and true values to the customers, as well as their limitations in operational management.

ERM's Fleet Management solution is designed to simplify fleet management operations. With a goal to providing SIMPLE to understand, EASY to use and FAST to implement Fleet Management solutions, ERM offers advanced location and communication technologies thereby providing its customers with great flexibility, reliability and simplicity.

ERM offers a variety of Fleet Management solutions, designed to answer different needs and applications, such as for vehicles, motorcycles and assets. In addition ERM provides customized solutions for the changing needs of Entry level, Mid-level, and High-end tracking applications.

ERM’s Fleet Management solutions offer the ‘Freedom to Choose’ and the ability to add unlimited additional features, at any time, in order to create for our partners enhanced business value to offer their customers.

As part of the ‘Freedom to Choose’ philosophy, ERM offers many proprietary sensors and features as well as free of charge integration services, to integrate almost any third-party sensor and device, and to provide more features to the Fleet Management solution, such as:


ERM’s Fleet Management Values

  • Flexibility and ‘Freedom to Choose’ to add more functionality at any time

  • Customization

  • Improvement in driver and passenger safety

  • Improvement in fleet productivity and efficiency

  • Improvement in customer service

  • Reduction in operational costs

  • Improvement in vehicle security

Recommended Products

Tracking Devices

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Starlink Tracker








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Keypad Accessories

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Driver ID

Additional Solutions

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Fleet Management

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Motorcycle Tracking

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR)

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Parking Habits

Other Technologies