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Driver Alerts Solution.

The eVoice is a speaker that provides spoken driver alerts. The alerts can be pre-set and personalized so that in different situations the eVoice will issue the pre-defined audial alert in accordance with the event that occurred.

If a driver performs a dangerous maneuver or a predefined event occurs, an audial alert will be issued to the driver letting him/her know in real time of the safety violation, hence enabling the driver to improve the driving behavior during the trip. 

eVoice allows a fleet manager, or the operator of the platform, to record in advance up to 100 warnings in the driver’s native language, that are adapted to various problematic behavior patterns on the road. A user-friendly software program is used to determine the exact warning to be played to the driver depending on the nature of the event so that the fleet manager can easily set rules and determine the specific alert that will be issued for each event. For example, if a driver makes a sharp turn, or goes over the speed limit a warning sound will be made to explain the incorrect behavior.

eVoice is capable of issuing a human voice warning upon identifying any unusual event of the type that can also be identified by a wide range of the company’s products.





Customizable voice alerts

Option to record and upload up to 100 voice alerts

User-friendly software for setting each event with its own alert

Integration to ERM’s products for event-based alerts

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