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Driver Behavior Monitoring with Black Box.

ERM’s eSafe offers a comprehensive driving behavior monitoring and alerting system, including a reliable Black Box that is activated when an accident is detecteed.

eSafe provides both the fleet manager and the driver with real-time information about aggressive and dangerous driving behavior events. This way it can assist with improving the driving habits and lower the vehicle's maintanance costs.


ERM’s eSafe is unique in the Telematics industry, for few reasons:

  1. eSafe analyzes real-time 3-Dimensional accelerometer data and presents events based on unsafe driving maneuvers. The events are transmitted and presented to the fleet manager.

  2. eSafe embeds predefined support for 30 vehicle type profiles, differentiating between each vehicle’s behavior and characteristics. Each vehicle profile supports 20 different maneuver types, in 3 severity levels - regular, aggressive, dangerous.

  3. eSafe comes with a set of tools making installation and management simple and fast

The eSafe won a GOLD medal at the IT World Award 2017, for Best IT Solution for Transportation.

Real-Time Server Alerts - In events of aggressive or dangerous driving, a reporting mechanism logs the events and sends real-time alerts.

Real-Time Driver Alerts - Sound or audio driver alerts, indicating the maneuver’s level of severity and aggression.

Every maneuver type is categorized into 3 severity levels: Normal, Aggressive and Dangerous.

Recorded history of the last 3 trips for the driver.

Black box automatically stores 75 seconds of the accident events (50 sec before and 25 sec after), for accurate post-accident analysis.

Over-The-Air upgrading and updating.







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