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eFlash SF

Dashboard Keypad Panel for Driver Alerts

The eFlash SF is a driver warning expansion device which contains 6 icons and LED lighting and is attached to the dashboard. The device uses flashing icons to warn the driver of dangerous driving behavior. In addition, eFlash SF includes a panic button with one-click driver assistance alert, for cases of emergency.

eFlash SF, together with ERM’s Driving Behavior technology, enables the identification and analysis of the driver’s behavior patterns, according to the specific behavior violation and the severity of the maneuver.

The eFlash SF warns the driver through the use of flashing icons and a series of beeps of various situations that he or she needs to be informed about or that require attention: 

  1. Acceleration Alert - Alerts the driver when he/she performs an aggressive or dangerous acceleration.

  2. Braking Alert - Alerts the driver in cases of harsh braking.

  3. Turn Alert - Alerts the driver when he/she performs an aggressive or dangerous turn.

  4. Roadside Assistance - This button will alert the service center that the driver requires road-side assistance.

  5. Panic Button - In a distress situation, this button will send an SOS alert to a predefined service center.

  6. eFlash Notification - This is a customizable key, that can be used for:

    • Radar/speed camera alerts

    • Geo Zones (radius) in/out alerts

    • Over speeding violations

    • Dangerous road points

    • Other Points Of Interest – Up to 500 predefined points


The fleet manager, the automaker or the operator of the system can define in advance actions for which visual warnings using lighting and icons can be given.

Visual and sound alerts

Full Over The Air features and parameters update

12/24VDC operation

Supports up to 500 predefined landmarks (Lat/Long, Heading, Speed)

Alerts setting options






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