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ECU Alerts

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) Alerts solution offers an easy to use, rule-based mechanism, developed to enable a simple analyzing process of the data received from the vehicle. As part of ERM’s vision, the ECU Alerts solution aims to provide the fleet manager with actionable information, rather than letting him tackle a great amount of raw data about situations and events from the vehicle.

ERM’s ECU Alerting solution enables the analysis of the data to be made in the vehicle, instead of on the server’s side. This sophisticated mechanism brings about a significant reduction in communication data. It also makes it possible for the service provider to extract the information needed from the server without having to depend on professionals to analyze and process the data.  

When used with ERM’s CANbus Read technology, the ERM solution can extract specific ECU alerts such as engine temperature, health, gear state, fuel level, gas/brake pedal state, oil pressure, safety features, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) and many more parameters that are transmitted over the CANbus wires during the operation of the vehicle.

By using ERM’s solution for ECU Alerts, it is possible to set different alerts based on almost any combination of parameters and events from the vehicle operation. This way, only once a defined combination is found will the specific alert be transmitted to the server.

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