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CANbus Read

ERM offers solutions for remote vehicle diagnostics. Using CANbus Read, the solution provides a sophisticated analysis of numerous standard and non-standard protocol parameters.

ERM’s diagnostic solutions can make a real difference and affect the way the vehicles are managed and handled in fleets. By defining different combinations of parameters for which an alert will be sent, the CANbus Read solution enables the fleet manager to make the right decisions at the right time, and to save money during fleet operation on a daily basis.

The CANbus Read and Inquiry solution enables fleet managers to receive immediate alerts based on predefined thresholds and events, and to be able to analyze in real time how the vehicle reacts in various conditions – road conditions, driving behavior etc.

The CANbus Read solution gives the fleet management service providers (FMS/TSP) an opportunity to offer their customers advanced telematics services such as the monitoring of driving behavior or tire pressure influence on fuel consumption, or simple monitoring such as engine temperature and health, gear state, DTC (diagnostic trouble codes), oil pressure and temperature, safety features and many more parameters that are transmitted over the CANbus wires during the operation of the vehicle

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Tracking Devices

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Starlink Tracker

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Starlink TrackerCAN


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ECU Alerts

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