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StarLink OBD

GSM\GPS Telematics Device for UBI\PAYD

StarLink OBD is a Plug & Driver GSM/GLONASS telematics and tracking device for UBI and PAYD services that can be used in all vehicles equipped with an OBD II port.

The StarLink OBD offers valuable information such as: Tracking, Routes, Vehicle diagnostic and Driving Behavior alerts. 

StarLink OBD detects real-time accident events. It has a ‘Black Box’ mode that stores all the data about the maneuvers before and after the accident, with a high sampling rate of 100 times per second for accurate post-accident analysis.

Key Features

  • Compliant with all vehicles equipped with OBD port

  • Automatic leveling and calibration

  • 25 vehicle types profiles for accurate driving behavior

  • Real-time driver behavior alerts and accidents detection

  • 20 maneuver types in 3 levels

  • DTC

  • 2G Quad-band GSM or 3G Dual Band modem





OBD II support

Up to 5 CAN parameters support

Internal backup battery

Sleep mode

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