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StarLink eConnect

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Patented Solution for Tracking Jammed Vehicles

The StarLink eConnect patented invention provides a novel solution for tracking jammed vehicles that are using the GSM network. The SrarLink eConnect facilitate real time GSM/RF communication networks, enabling redundant communication for vehicles where the positioning system on board the vehicle is jammed.

The StarLink eConnect is adapted for monitoring the operation of GSM network and the GPS positioning network to detect / determine whether they operate properly and/or whether a failure occurs in one of these services / networks, preventing the communication of vehicle data to the control center. 

Once the StarLink eConnect identifies jamming has occured, it transmits a distress message with information regarding the device ID, speed and heading. The information recieved is being picked-up by nearby vehicles, which forward the distress signal to the control center for further action.

The StarLink eConnect provides a robust, practical and cost-effective solution, which can be implemented within the vehicle-tracking-systems that are installed by the security service provider providing the vehicle tracking services, while without the need for modifications or adaptations of external services / systems, such as those associated with the cellular and/or other communication networks. 

StarLink eConnect is a registered patent, no. 230840

Key Features:

  • Low power consumption

  • GSM jamming detection

  • eSNS communication

  • Memory logger for up to 10,000 events

  • Highly configurable functionality

  • Easy installation

  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) upgrade












Output Logic Programming (OLP) for complex output signal generation

2G/3G cellular communication

Built-in battery backup

Internal GSM and GPS antennas

Built-in movement sensor

GPRS and/or SMS messaging

Driver ID: Up to 500 drivers

SMS paging including location coordinates for self tracking

Geo-zone protection

Towing alert

Speed limit alerts

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