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Jamming Mitigation

ERM’s Jamming Mitigation solution is intended to report in events of vehicle theft where cellular Jammers have been used.

Once a jammer is activated near a vehicle which is installed with a GSM/GPS tracking device, then the vehicle disappears and can’t be tracked or seen in the tracking software, as the cellular and GPS reception is blocked. If the vehicle is being stolen by using a Jammer, this results in a very low chance of recovering the stolen vehicle.

In order to help retrieve the stolen jammed vehicle, ERM developed its patented eConnect technology. eConnect is a dual communication technology-based solution, which enables RF communication between vehicles.

ERM’s Jamming Mitigation solutions allow persistent tracking of stolen vehicles, even with Jammers on board. eConnect uses the AVL technology to identify jamming situations, and automatically switches the communication to RF (LORA), alerting all vehicles in the vicinity that the vehicles has been stolen. Other vehicles (or objects along the way) that use the same solution, will then report, using their own cellular communication, about the event and share the vehicle identification, whereabouts, barring and speed for farther actions by the SVR provider.

ERM’s Jamming Mitigation solution can be implemented on any vehicle type and requires power and a SIM card in order to operate, so it can also be installed on non-mobile elements.

The technology can be customized for use in various applications, in this case, for Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) services.

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