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eFlash and ePoly

Points Of Interest Notifications

Both the ePoly and the eFlash are used to alert the drivers when approaching predefined Points Of Interest.

The ePoly and eFlash can be used to alert the driver against hazardous points in the road ahead (such as: speed camera, dangerous junctions, speed bumps, etc.), or to notify the driver when approaching areas of interest (such as: pick-up zone, school areas, bus stops, etc.).

It can also be used to monitor the drivers’ progress along the delivery route.

The Points of Interest can be uploaded and updated remotely, using ERM’s protocol.


The ePoly can support up to 40,000 different Points Of Interest and, when using with the StarLink device, will alert both the driver and the server when approaching, entering and exiting points of interest. The ePoly generates sound notifications to the driver.


The eFlash can support up to 500 Points of Interest. It is installed as a dashboard keypad panel and generates both sound and visual alerts to the driver, when approaching, entering, or exiting predefined waypoints. The driver can manually add POI in real-time.

Visual alerts - Each LED key has a specific icon to indicate different waypoint hazards. The icon set can be customized to match customer’s needs.

Sound alerts - The driver can use the keypad to control the alerts volume.


  • Up to 40,000 waypoints

  • Driver sound alerts

  • 12/24VDC


  • Up to 40,000 waypoints

  • Driver sound alerts

  • 12/24VDC

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