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Vehicle Diagnostic Tool

The eData is a diagnostic tool with a user-friendly software interface for easy rule and notifications settings for any combination of parameter values (being broadcasted over the CANbus or OBD CAN). eData provides vehicle analysis in real-time, with customizable notifications about the vehicle’s state of health. The notifications are issued in real-time to the fleet manager for immediate action and are recorded for further analysis.  For example, the fleet manager can set the eData to send an alert when any of his drivers does not wear a seatbelt and drives at a speed over 80 mph for over 2 minutes.

The CANbus integration enables the fleet management service provider to offer advanced telematics services such as monitoring engine temperature, gear state, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), oil pressure and temperature, safety features and many more parameters running on the CAN wires during the operation of the vehicle.

The eData is the ONLY solution in the market that enables the user to pre-set any combination of rules and be alerted only when the specific combination of events occurs.

The eData has a unique histogram technology, that creates a 3-dimensional analysis over CAN parameters. This sophisticated technology provides OEMs with deep understanding of how one set of information influences another in the vehicle. For example - How the tire pressure influences the fuel consumption at high speed.

The information received from the eData enables to monitor the vehicle’s state in real-time, to make the right decisions at the right time, and to save money on a daily basis. It operates in a very efficient way and analyzes the data internally, in the vehicle, and sends only alerts and relevant information to the server. 

This way the eData users save money on:

  • Communication - For transmitting the data

  • Storage space - For storing large amounts of data on the server

  • Server processes - When it comes to large fleets with thousands of vehicles, service providers can save a fortune on operation.







Simple two-way connectivity to OBD / CAN 

Optional non-intrusive CANbus read

Extraction and analysis of vehicles standard CANbus parameter

Alerting & reporting mechanism with flexible parameter rules engine

3-Dimantional histogram reporting with up to 10 histograms per trip (ignition on/off), and up to 5 parameters per histogram

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