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OBD Interface

ERM's OBD (On Board Diagnostic) Interface provides a powerful data analysis solution, for reading and analyzing events in real-time, based on the vehicle’s OBD port.

ERM’s OBD Interface solution is designed to analyze the data internally, therefore making it unnecessary to invest in analysis tools on the server side.

This solution is designed to identify technical events, based on a combination of data parameters, which are predefined by the user. The solution is intended to provide alerts of vehicle faults, some in advance, others in real-time, as well as driver behavior alerts.

Once the system identifies and alerts a pre-defined situation, it enables the fleet manager/owner to take action in time to prevent further damage to the vehicle, the fleet and the company’s operations.

ERM’s OBD solution for On Board Diagnostic, offers the users two versions - a basic version which includes analysis of the main parameters, and a full version, with a programmable and easy to use rule engine, that supports the main standards and can be customized to support other protocols as well.

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