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Fuel Monitoring and Theft Alert.

A highly accurate analog fuel level / consumption adaptor, delivering a real time alerts regarding theft and fueling events, even when ignition is switched off (parking).

The eFuel is using the vehicle’s original fuel float, and alerts in refueling and fuel theft events. It converts the original float data into clear and simple measuring tool and offers unique pull-up mechanism to monitor changes during ignition On/Off.

eFuel is using ERM’s proprietary eNet communication protocol to transmit events to the server through the StarLink tracking device.

The combination of fuel reading capabilities and alerts even when ignition is switched Off, makes eFuel the perfect solution for real-time fuel theft and refuel reports and for general fuel monitoring of different vehicle types.

eFuel calibration process is fully automatic. Using a special algorithm, eFuel callibrates itself during vehicle daily activity and is fully operational after a couple of refuels.

Quick installation

Alerts fuel theft events, during switch On/Off

Providing real-time notifications of refueling events

Automatic calibration process

Sophisticated algorithm for real-time data analysis

Full Over-The-Air update and configuration

Input voltage levels 0-30V

Low power consumption









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