Fleet management and mobilisation of vehicles across all sectors is always fraught with the possibilities of contingencies. To be well prepared to meet the contingencies with well-oiled plans is the difference between success and failure. Installation of Tracking Devices for Vehicles, Tracking Devices for Cars are now a necessity to maintain records of vehicles, their movements, and operational status for administrative and planning purposes.

Real time tracking – pre-empting disruptions in schedules

With the advent of huge technological strides, it is now possible to know in real time the locations of entire fleets of vehicles. Signals emitted by small portable devices fixed on vehicles give their precise location in longitude and latitude. This is then correlated or overlapped with detailed maps to give an accurate fix on the position of the vehicles. This is achieved through GSM networks or through satellites, depending on the kind of hardware and service combination chosen.

There are two types of vehicle tracking, one that works on a real time basis, transmitting data instantly through communication networks, and the other that works offline, uploading data onto dedicated devices once a destination is reached. Versions exist wherein a device emits signals on real time basis when within the range of networks, and stop transmission when networks are unavailable. On availability of networks, the data transmission resumes automatically, including backlog data.

Consignments tracking for instantaneous updates

This helps a fleet manager to know the location of vehicles, allocate vehicles as per availability in nearest location, reallocate vehicles in the eventuality of a breakdown, and be aware of ensuring that despatch adheres to timelines. Consignments need to be tracked and updated. This can be achieved by tracking the vehicles that transport the consignments.

Beating criminal intent with technology

There is an increase in the number of vehicular thefts and in some instances, hijacking of vehicles by criminals. Tracking Devices for Vehicles, Tracking Devices for Cars help to ensure that the present location, or the last known location of the vehicle is known, thereby helping in retrieving the vehicles. This applies to individual owners of cars, and installation of a vehicle tracking device helps to be informed always and to be assured that appropriate measures to prevent untoward incidents are in place.