During the last couple years, Driving Behaviour and related insurance applications such as Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) and Pay as you Drive (PAYD) programs continue to roll-out across the globe.

It has become known that Driving Behaviour had a direct influence on vehicle fuel consumption, i.e. overall fleet operational cost.

ERM offers sophisticated but easy to use and install solutions to monitor and rate the driving quality and driver behavior during their time on the road. The solutions are also designed to alert and ensure safety features for the drivers themselves, based on real-time analysis of different maneuvers reported by ERM dedicated devices installed in the vehicle.

Aside from fleet management values based on Driving Behavior analysis, ERM UBI solutions also enables a stable and strong foundation for insurers to create uniquely targeted programs based on their needs and objectives.

ERM solution provides:

  • Online/Offline tracking and tracing of the vehicle
  • Small size, fast installation
  • More than 20 vehicle profile types, for maximum accuracy per vehicle behavior
  • Identification of 22 Driving Maneuver types in three severity levels
  • Real Black-Box feature, enabling accident reconstruction with detailed accident information sampled at 1000 times per second


For a list of ERM Tracking and Telematics devices for Driving Behaviour and UBI Click here