ERM’s Trailer ID solution is designed to provide the fleet manager with precise information on which trailers are attached to which trucks. Trailer ID facilitates easier management of trucks and trailers by identifying each of the trailers and each of the trucks through a unique ID. In addition, fleet managers can locate any trailer at any time, even if it is not hooked to a truck. 

The Trailer ID solution incorporates several of ERM’s products depending on the desired solution level:

Level 1: For identifying each trailer

  • StarLink Tracker – advanced GSM/3G  and GPS tracking device installed in the truck allowing constant location and telematics information
  • Trailer ID – unique trailer identification solution installed on the trailer

Level 2: For additional trailer location, in addition to the StarLink Tracker and the Trailer ID

  • StarLink Asset – an advanced, standalone solution for asset and trailer applications based on a powerful battery pack for prolonged operation