An investment in a vehicle can be equated to that of an investment in a house. It is definitely emotive. The loss of a vehicle is a depressing and anxious phase. To be able to pre-empt a potential theft is a success by itself. An investment that can be safeguarded with an additional expenditure is a wise decision.

Vehicular safety – OFF THE ROADS TOO

Today’s frenetic pace has created many individuals who turn to crime to make money. A Stolen Vehicle owner inevitably goes through a harrowing experience. Installation of a device that tracks the location of a vehicle helps in Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

The combination of the device, the system of communication and the software ensure that the police is able to access the updated data directly, thereby being in a position to inform their counterparts in other locations to recover the vehicle. Precious time is lost in trying to locate through traditional methods of investigation. The data can be used to effectively recover the vehicle before it gets cannibalised. While a device cannot replace the police, it will immensely help the police to successfully recover the vehicle.

Technology to the aid

Stolen Vehicle Recovery systems are technologically advanced to such an extent that a Stolen Vehicle alert can be sent to the owner through a chosen mode, once the vehicle leaves a certain grid. This grid is dynamic and can be selected and modified by the user. By receiving an alert, the owner of the vehicle will be aware of the situation, and can take appropriate measures, such as notifying the police or ignoring the alert, if the movement of the vehicle was with his permission.

These options ensure that a vehicle is safe off the roads, from the hands of criminals.