ERM offers temperature sensing solution designed especially for Cold Chain refrigerated vehicles and other temperature monitoring applications.

The solution includes vehicle location monitoring, temperature monitoring using up to four dedicated temperature sensors in the refrigerated car and additional telematics monitoring as needed.

For additional telematics monitoring see eFueleSafeeDataeCAN

As the solution foundation, a StarLink Tracker or StarLink Asset tracking and telematics devices will be used. The StarLink devices will be installed in the car/truck, usually under the dashboard. Behind, in the refrigerator/tanker, up to four temperature sensors can be installed, designed to support as low as -10 to +80 Celsius centigrade.

The sensors should be installed in different parts of the refrigerator for better monitor the conditions inside the refrigerator at all times and in different places.

Usually, near the refrigerator fan opening the temperature will be very low, but closer to the doors or at the back side, the temperature will be higher, in some conditions, these places would better be monitored also.

Using ERM temperature sensing solution, monitoring of crucial refrigerating times can be made by the fleet management system.