ERM offers variety of solutions for Stolen Vehicle Recovery service providers.

The solution includes a state of the art, small and easy to conceal StarLink tracking device such as the StarLink SVR or the StarLink Tracker, with embedded antennas for GPS and cellular communication, a backup battery, a set of additional input and output ports that allows simple monitoring of ignition state, battery condition and more.

As an addition to the tracking device, an advanced keypad-managed vehicle immobilization to further impede the vehicle theft.

To this extent, ERM offers eCut Hammer, a sophisticated unique immobilizer equipped with up to 3 cut units (wired and wireless). The eCut Hammer wireless cut unit is small which can be easily disguised and concealed into one of the vehicle’s original harnesses to better protect the vehicle and delay the vehicle theft as much as possible.

The other two cut units can handle any other of the power supplying wires such as ignition and/or battery power wires.

In order to monitor stolen trailers and other types of assets, the StarLink Asset provides long period of operation without the need to recharge the unit, offering more than 2000 transmission times between re-charges. ERM StarLink Asset and StarLink AssetX offer additional features such as dual profiling for parking and moving conditions, and changes the transmissions periods accordingly to conserve internal battery power.

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