StarLink Tracker is an advanced GSM/GPS device, designed for application in high end tracking and telematics, which communicates with the back office server over the cellular (TCP/IP) network or text (SMS) messages.

StarLink Tracker provides a wide range of services from basic tracking through advanced I/O monitoring and full AVL supervision to emergency services and a security application. The hardware includes a 10-pin connector, wiring cable and a SIM card slot (push-push type). Two side-fixing holes are available for easy zip-tie installation.

Special software features such as remote parameter configuration and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) programming and component diagnostics, enable maintaining and adjusting the StarLink Tracker operation according to the customer’s specific needs.

StarLink Tracker3G – incorporates a 3G cellular communication Dual Band module, supporting North America’s frequencies or European frequencies as per customer needs.

StarLink TrackerGNSS – incorporates a hybrid GPS/GLONASS navigating module.

The StarLink Tracker platform enables a wide range of advanced tracking/AVL and telematics services, such as:

  • Track and trace elements
  • Smart roaming mode
  • Data logging
  • Geo fencing
  • Emergency services (crash report and black-box recording) | Read More about eSafe
  • Driver ID | Read more about StarLink ID
  • Fuel and temperature monitoring | Read more about eFuel and Temperature monitoring
  • Security alarm system | Read more about LCA Alarm System
  • Immobilizing system | Read more about eCut Hammer
  • Voice system (with full keypad activation or through a single button) | Read more about StarLink Voice
  • CANBUS support | Read more about ODBII and CANBUS solutions