StarLink Asset is an advanced tracking device specially designed for use in rough outdoor environments, such as trailers and other assets. ERM’s waterproof StarLink Asset allows you to benefit from the best of all worlds: – an advanced tracking device based on the highly acclaimed StarLink platform, a powerful long-life battery, and smart battery power conservation functionality.

StarLink addresses several technical issues, including:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Concealment
  • Tampering
  • Rough environment

StarLink Asset comes with an integrated accelerometer and shock sensor allowing the device to report upon motion only, and to switch between two transmission profiles with different transmitting intervals, achieving maximum battery life and efficiency. StarLink Asset can be provided with an external heavy duty 5800 mAh LiPo battery for long-term operation (optional).


  • Long life functionality
  • Increases security and minimizes risk to your assets
  • Decreases time needed to locate your assets’ whereabouts
  • Easy installation
  • 3D accelerometer – can detect and alert on unauthorized movement
  • IP67 Support