SmartWindow is an automated smart windows closer, integrated into the car window motor, and controlled by the car’s remote locking system.
SmartWindow‘s Unique Safety Mechanism will immediately lower the window if a blocking object is detected.
For example, if a passenger places his hand on the window while its going up, SmartWindow will sense an interference and will command the power windows
system to immediately stop and lower it back down. SmartWindow can be used as an individual solution, or as a complementary solution to the manufacturer
original system.

SmartWindow can be easily configured according to the following statuses, together and separately:
– Starter switch
– Lights signaling system
– Locking engine
– Locking buttons

Combined with ERM’s LCA alarm system enables automatic door locking and lifting of all windows when remotely arming the LCA alarm system.

A list of SmartWindow supported vehicles by