The GPS enabled tracking devices are more than just any vehicle tracking systems. The dawn of collective two-way messaging and satellite navigation products is an illustration of the product development.

The connected navigation solutions, allow fleet managers to track a vehicle in relation to customer sites, then transmit and receive job messages from drivers. On the other hand, the onboard navigation device will robotically create a journey route and will send back the expected time of arrival back to the dispatch office. This helps a lot in job efficiency, reduced travelling time, fuel savings and improved customer satisfaction.

As the vehicle tracking technology has developed and its uses are several, the variety of these systems is available.

Anti fuel theft systems: The GPS systems also help the employer to keep a track of the location of the driver. There is an alarm fitted in the system that keeps a check on the fuel present in the vehicle. The highly precise fuel level checker delivers a real time anti fuel theft alert even when ignition is off. It gives the fuel level reading, notifications and minutiae of refilling events.

This trait is tremendously beneficial for all those employers who have the drivers and want to know about how well their vehicle has been used in their absence. The anti fuel theft systems make the manager attentive about their vehicle and keep the driver away from miss using their masters’ car.

Temperature sensor car: The solutions use the temperature sensing measures for cold chain refrigerated vehicles used to transport perishable products. The device uses vehicle location monitoring, temperature monitoring using up to four committed temperature sensors in the refrigerated car.

The GPS based anti fuel thefts systems or the temperature Sensor car systems are the boon. For more information visit