If you are a vehicle finance service provider then this is the solution you have long been looking for!

  • ERM’s patented Parking Habits Monitoring solution is designed especially for vehicle finance companies. It is helpful in preventing loss of vehicle financing deals.
  • The challenge: A customer orders a vehicle under a long-term monthly cash payments model. After a while, without notice, the customer stops payment.
  • The first thing the finance company does is to look for the vehicle through a tracking device installed in it, but, in many cases, finds that it has ceased to function – the customer has destroyed it… the vehicle is effectively stolen!

What can a finance company do? In this situation – probably not much



In order to avoid problems like this in the future, ERM has developed a patented Parking Habits Monitoring solution:

ERM’s Parking Habits Monitoring enables you to find out certain basic information about your customer’s regular whereabouts, such as:


  • Where the customer lives
  • Did the customer change his address


  • Where the customer works
  • Has the customer stopped going to work
  • Does the customer have a new work place


  • Where does the customer usually spend his weekends

And some more relevant information…

So, what’s the solution?  With this information in hand, the finance company can locate the customer’s whereabouts even if the installed StarLink tracking device has been destroyed and safely repossess the vehicle!



  • You will know if the customer deal is at risk (for example: the customer has stopped going to his regular work place… he no longer has a regular residential address…)
  • You will have a very good idea where the vehicle might be during the day, night and on weekends, even if the tracking device has been deliberately damaged and has ceased to function
  • The Parking Habits Monitoring solution reduces the financial risk involved in financing leasing vehicles to non-credit-paying customers.