ERM’s OBDII and CANBUS Interface for Vehicle Diagnostic solution consists of two full featured data retrievers and analyzers with a programmable rule engine for maximum vehicle diagnostics and monitoring.

The eData incorporates a configurable natural language-like rule based data analyzer allowing reading and interfacing the required data/parameters read from a OBDII and CANBUS protocols.

The OBDII and CANBUS Interface for Vehicle Diagnostic device eData also include a sophisticated scenario alert engine allowing the programming of any combination of events, resulting in an alert mechanism for maximum diagnostics and monitoring of the supervised vehicle.

Using the OBDII and CANBUS Interface for Vehicle Diagnostic device eData units, the data will be retrieved and forwarded through ERM’s StarLink tracking and telematics device to a back office software server, where it can be presented.


The eData is intended to read several CANBUS protocols such as OBD protocols, FMSJ1708J1939 and more.

Connection interface:

The eData has two connectors: a 4-pin connector, including power ignition and eNet (ERM propriatary interface protocol). It is normally connected directly to the StarLink tracking and telematics device.

The second is a 6-pin connector to additional devices.

The eData is offering:

  • Simple two way connectivity to OBD
  • Extraction and analisys of vehicles standard CANBUS parameters
  • Alerting and reportig mechanisem based on flexible and combined parameter ruels engine